I'll be your scapegoat
I used to remain silent
Even when my body is aching
Even when my heart is screaming to death

Waiting to be alone to let it all out
I cry silently
Locking the scream I'm holding deep inside

Hiding it away from you
Hiding it away from myself

Trying to forget that it's here
Trying to forget it ever existed

Hoping that one day it'll disappear
Taking the pain and the tears away

Only to leave peace behind
A peace I cannot find otherwise

Haunted by my own mind
I can't escape

It's not your fault
Neither is it mine
Even know I hold the blame
Needing it to be someone's fault
I was the only volunteer

I hold one of those "FREE HUGS" signs
Except on mine it's written
That I can be your scapegoat

Because I know how hard it is
Because I know how bad it hurt
To have no one to blame

So I hold the blame
because I'm unable to bear
That it's no one's fault

© Ytha