Echoes of Emptiness ✨️
In the depths of your being, a void does reside,
An emptiness that you cannot hide.
You yearn for something, elusive yet true,
A flame that burns bright, within you.

You search through valleys and mountaintops high,
Seeking solace, a glimmer in the sky.
You fill the void with fleeting pleasures, not right,
But the emptiness remains, hauntingly tight.

In the arms of love, you've sought your release,
Hoping it would quench your longing, bring ease.
Yet even passion's fire, intense and wild,
Does not heal the void, still deep and beguiled.

Wealth and fame, you've pursued with great might,
Gathering treasures from morning to night.
But material possessions, they cannot last,
And the void within persists, holding you fast.

Through endless endeavors and tireless chase,
You scramble for meaning, for a sense of grace.
But dear one, know this, and heed my plea,
The void within you can only be filled by thee