Drying his seas of tears...

The day felt like a night light,
the sea got a different strave
the sun was like a hump of red ball

seeing him near the sea,
I ran towards him by forgetting me,
took my hands to dry his tears...

He asked,
"Can you dry the sea behind me?"

His face was redden like the sun
and his hands heated like the shore,
His heart weighted like the sea water
where no ones knows how much
he carries within him...

he was like the sea,
peoples say he looks amazing

but the truth is;
he is in deep depth and had many
things in him, which haven't
explored yet...

the sea of his tears are worthable
to dry for...
with no hesitation crossed
in my mind

I accepted him in my smiles,
his hug was warm and precious....

And there I got the responsibility,
He will get my love!

I'll do my best to give
it to him....

© Ninin✨