crazy friends
🌹🌹🌹Rose's are red🌹🌹🌹
💙💙💙violets are blue💙💙💙
🐒🐒🐵monkeys like you🐒🐵
🦁🦝🦁belong in the zoo🐗🐃

😢😓🤔but don't be afraid🤔😢
👭👭👭I will be there too👫👭
🦌🦊🦌not in the cage🦌🦝🐖
😋🤣😎but laughing at you😋😎

😑🤔😐 I'm only joking😑🤔😐
😴😴😴I am just bored😴😴😴
☺️😗☺️I just wanted to say hello to u🙂😗🙂

🌌🌅🌇so enjoy the poem🌌🌇
👭👫that I made up for u👫👫
☺️☺️😋hope It makes you smile😋☺️🙂
🌇🌌and helps to enjoy your day 🌅🌌