Intermittent clouds
"Life intermittent like
intermittent clouds,

My feelings, happiness and
emotions are fell apart,

Life lost somewhere in
the darkness like dark clouds,

Like when there are dark
clouds in the sky,it rains heavily

Just like that, due to his
changed behaviour,

Darkness began to
creep into my life,

when the dark clouds
appear in the sky,

A feeling of joy feels
the heart, that it will rain heavily,

But when the life
becomes dark like,

A dark clouds
it hurts a lot,

That black darkness
destroyed everything,

From my life my feelings
emotions, happiness, peace,

Even ability to think
and understand,

All the links of life
got entangled,

Don't know why
all the accusations fell on me,

I had seen dark clouds
but after finding ,

Such black darkness
in my life,

I'm completely
broken inside,,,.!

© Shama writes ✍️

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