Thiery Henry (The funny Things In Life)
Coming and striking at life with full force
like France did in 1998 at the world cup.

On the field of life,
I am taking my craft and skills serious.
Pouring out my soul
into the game with pride and focus.
Obsessing over perfecting my craft
On the field
which may across has poisonous.

I have nothing to hide
every cultivated skill, scars and consistency
are being displayed
before your very naked eyes.

Off the field
I am a simple man
a comedian like Jim Carrey
layback fella seeing life as a comedy movie.

Joking around with friends
And clowning around
without a care in the world
like children seeking out
for the funny things in life like pearls
before heading back in the game of life
and reach for greatness in our prime.

© L.A.T.A/@josephleartist