Echoes of the Abyss
In the shadowed depths, a whisper cries,
Of ancient terrors and forgotten lies.
Beneath the moon's cold, haunting gaze,
A darkness stirs, a dread malaise.

Within the haunted forest's shade,
Lies a secret, never to fade.
A sorrowful lament, a mournful plea,
For souls lost in the endless sea.

The air is heavy with ancient fears,
A sorrowful symphony, ringing in the ears.
The stone walls whisper of dread and woe,
A hopeless despair, a tragic undertow.

In the crypts of time, a mystery lies,
A melancholic truth, hidden from our eyes.
The stars above, cold and cruel,
Cast their gaze on a world so full of ghoul.

And so we wander, lost and alone,
In a world of shadows, all unknown.
A haunting melody, a mournful song,
Of horrors deep and ancient, dark and long.

© Jellal_asuma