She sleeps inside a shell,
The leaves cradle and fell,
The pure river rocking her safely,
The streams sing lullaby softly.

They dropped her in the grassland,
She came out and crawl in her homeland,
Every greens feed her,
She grows bulge and fair,

She weaves silkhouse around her,
She cucooned under nature care,
Squirrels knock her door and pout,
She slowly popped her head out.

Breaking the barrier she spreads color to the light,
The happy tears of falls, sounds of cricket,
Songs of Nightingale, creaks of frogs, roars of lion,
The whole nature welcomes her to the world line,

She smiles at me, she kissed me,
I flutter toward her, she utters "SAVE ME!"

© Ayesha Thasneem