Tale Of Pain
In love's tender grasp, I dared to tread,
A path where emotions, like whispers, spread.
Yet, the cost of affection, a heavy toll,
A tale of heartaches, the price of my soul.

For every smile exchanged in passion's name,
I paid in tears, like droplets in the rain.
A currency of emotions, both joy and strife,
Love's transaction, the essence of life.

In the ledger of love, entries bittersweet,
A ledger where promises and pain entreat.
The currency of heartbeats, a coin so dear,
Yet the cost of loving, at times severe.

The toll booth of time demanded its due,
Lost moments and dreams, a toll to accrue.
Yet, amidst the debts, a love profound,
A currency of the heart, forever unbound.

So, count the scars, the price I paid,
In the currency of love, a debt displayed.
Yet, within the ledger, a story unfolds,
Of a love that transcends, a tale to be told.

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