When Demons walk on earth
When demons walk on earth
Searching for prey to quench their thirst
Door to door they looked for life
Anything that moved were shot or sliced

Found a family of four
Two young and two old
They made them kneel with hands tied behind
The young faced old on opposite side

The game of horror had just begun
The most barbaric would be crowned
The screams and tears would be barometer
How much blood was spilled for one to drown

They gouged one eye of father
Sliced one bosom of the mother
Cut one limb of their son
Each finger of their daughter

While the cries of torture was getting unfold
The devil's feasted on food without remorse
Their pain took long to come to an end
Only when each soul was shot point blank

The devil's laughed and pranced
with the sight of blood
This wasn't enough to satiate their thirst
With screams no longer heard
They walked again in search of warm blood

PS: Based on true incident.
#terrorists #wars #victims

© Rreena Sharma