Trapped Innocent Life
Everywhere only waste is ruined,
Dark shadow from black smoke,
Where life used to live earlier,
Today there is the abode of death,
In a dispute between conscience and land,
Trapped innocent lives,
Difficult to walk on roads
The roads were also filled with human flesh and blood,
Seeing the scene, the chest of death was filtered,
Where children used to play before,
Today the field became a battlefield,
An elderly woman weeping on seeing the broken house,
Together the little child calls out to the mother,
Who knows the pain of leaving home, land, country,
A dog sitting in front of the master's body,
This pain broke my heart today,
Millions of people became homeless with tears in their eyes,
If someone was looking for his loved ones, then someone would have uttered the sorrow of losing,
In the dispute of conscience and land,
Trapped innocent lives.

© confusioncreate