Forget Forgiveness
Forget forgiveness

You have given me five days at most to make it through the wilderness.
Five days to search for the reason why my life is always a blunder.
Five days to live like a serpent walking around the gates of hades on my stomach.
Five days.....
Five days to apply for the ministry of reconciliation.
Five days to solve the riddle of life and death dueling over my soul, screaming out of madness on either ear that is open to a word.
The devil's word, giving up with no look back at the mini mistakes that was recorded in the minutes of yesterday s meetings in motion.
You say sleep is fine wine for the memory of me being accepted or the desperation to reverse your agonizing truth that it was me that received the mark of Cain supposedly of a demonic cause at six months old, but I am not able.
Because being a sacrifice for the true dictator who Wash their memories of human organs,  inlay their altar of crushed or broken bones , and get higher off the scent of boiling blood, that is later drenched into your clothes, like  tye dye .
I'm free if I'm only making you whole, by giving up my last spare parts, and pieces of my spirit.
I begin to appear to look like pointillism , as I fade away, fade out like a dry ink cartridge.
I'm bound to live a borrowed, but leftover scraps life.
Everything is unorthodox.
There's nothing but unclean bread and lead water.
Cold ole wooden floor to stand in place for hours all day and over every night.
Rats rumbling through the Halloween party at six year periods.
Raining constantly outside, but on my life, there's no thrill of hope, but a shadow darker than a power outage in what haunts my everyday.
Five days in prison of a cult of a witch, not the parent, but the practice.
Five days without rest, even as my mind like an engine races until it overheats, and breakdown.
Five days to overview and overlook my life to see if my praying was in vain.
My screaming out was in vain.
Five days to get clarification on why my life is always upside down.
Why the world is always moving on my head.
Training me for death.
Forget forgiveness.
My life is always imperil , bursting into flames, my experiences with existence alone is probably toxic, but even more than just highly flammable, so I can get even or even better flamboyant to the cause.
Because you neglected me until you thought that I was finally normal like you.
Forget forgiveness, you never forgiven anyone.
Even when sincerity meets the road of condolence.
Forgiveness is beyond me.
Forget forgiveness.
I can't always forgive you, when you don't return the favor.
You tried to trick me into a far worse state multiple times because your rights are over for the sins you overwrite.
Fuck your feelings.
Learn to deal with you.
Grow up taller.
Forgiveness is complicated when you are always the victim.

Authorship by Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes
© All Rights Reserved