A heart once full, now broken and worn
A love so true, but never reborn
The girl gave all, with a love so bright
But the boy never showed, the love in sight

She shone like a star, on a clear night sky
But he never looked up, to catch her eye
She poured out her soul, like a river wide
But he never drank deep, to satisfy

Her love was pure, like a summer's breeze
But he never felt, the warmth it would seize
She waited and waited, for a love to share
But he never showed, the love she declared

Now she's gone, like a leaf on the wind
And he's left alone, to wonder why he didn't find
The love she offered, with a heart so true
But he never showed, the love she loved him too.

This poem captures the pain and longing of a one-sided relationship, where one person gives their all, but the other never reciprocates. The girl's love is pure and true, but the boy never shows the love she desires, leaving her heartbroken and eventually leaving the relationship. The poem ends with the boy realizing his mistake, but it's too late, and he's left to wonder what could have been.