# Your Good Time

Your Time moves on,
so, you just go on...

Everything will leave
at a end of it's end
it will be there with you,
only upto a period of time
it will be with you
upto an alloted time

If everything leaves you...
what about your time?
Yeah, it will also goes on

Your time is also with you,
upto it's time...
every thing you had...
has a time of period it has to be,
after that it will be goes on
into a beautiful infinity pace
where there is nothing in that place...

So, what we all need to do is,
the gaining of a thing
in your times of memories,
will never fade in shade

Just use your time in a very
time full way,
that is you should make
a memory of victories
of your achievements...

Use your time very efficient and effective way, so the memories
of your achievements
are very worthwhile for
your time you spent...

Everyone says,
there is a good time for something
but the fact is
if you use your time
the bundle of success will
come at you,
at a pointed time

And that's they call as good time
surely it's a good time
when you get all it once...
because it's your time
it's yours efforts
who creates good time to come
your time becomes a good time

Your Time moves on,
so, you just go on...

© Niyana_cage ❄️