late night thoughts
is it just me or
do you feel like nobody really likes you

like you try to be the person everybody wants but they end up not wanting you

like I tell myself that I am so tired of trying to change myself for people who don't even realize the change

I know that no matter what I'm going to continue to make the same changes

because eventually in my mind someone will eventually notice

someone will realize what I've been through

someone will see that I am changing myself for them

and in myind hey will tell me that I am enough

They will tell me that I don't need to change for them

I've spent 15 years in this life not being enough for someone and I want to stop changing myself

but we all know that I can't stop changing myself for others

because once I do no one will want me
no one will see me
no one will like me

I'm just so tired of my life being controlled by other people

but it will always be controlled by others bc that is how our world just works