Whispers of Twilight
In the symphony of fate, our melody sways,
Parting words linger, in the twilight's haze.
For the union of us, a sacrifice made,
Yet, the ache of separation cannot evade.

Restless dreams dance in the moonlit air,
Silent confessions, too heavy to bear.
If only I could paint the canvas of my heart,
Express the agony of worlds torn apart.

Battles within, a soul's silent war,
Love's resistance crumbled, forevermore.
Once content in shadows, a solitary retreat,
You emerged, a radiant light, bittersweet.

This luminance, a wildfire consuming all,
A paradoxical blessing, an unforeseen thrall.
Why you, in the tapestry of my desire?
A riddle unsolved, a relentless fire.
© _gottaloveruhii