Love You From a Distance
When you left, my conscience surrendered to the war.
It collapsed deciding which was easiest:
to accept I’d drawn life’s shortest straw,
or keep pretending that you didn’t exist.

Your gentle words taunted me,
‘Find fulfilment once I leave’…
though you left me with no other choice.
I was lost in a void so deep you wouldn’t believe.
Its walls echoed the curative sound of your voice

Back then I’d tread carefully on broken glass,
for one second too long in a thought of you
would drive my mind to depths even hell fails to surpass,
where my subconscious would wait for you to arrive.

Grief is love with nowhere to go…
How could I have missed this?
I think my grief is over now I don’t have to love you from a distance.

© Jodes.D