Certain Someone
When your world starts to revolve around him
When he is the one you want to hold onto if light go dim

When you stare at the night sky and the stars resemble his eyes
When his voice becomes the reason of your deprived nights

Even though surrounded with happiness it's his smile that you seek
When your name in his lips is enough to make you blush for a week

When everything is lifeless other than his touch
When he is the only one you want talk about, nothing much

When your sleeps are pointless without him in your dream
When you can gamble your life like nothing, if it's for him

When an innocent smile in his face makes your life worthwhile
When you are certain that he will be the reason for you to be dying

When he smells the best even though sweat covers his skin
When your heart beckons, it has to be him.

© Night owl