Moribund Rose
Looming,pruning in a garden with a spiritual essence
Cauliflower seeds and herbs smell of fluorescence
A watermelon patch from sweet Mississippi or Texas
Roses stay silent they have no message
The tomatoes that were pollinated by the stricken bee
The hummingbirds and butterflies that follow me
Throughout this garden there are many delights to see
But my roses stay silent on me
You see the petunias and gardenias in the summer time
You pick the weeds the garden seems to be doing fine
The bulbs of tulips once dormant come out to bloom
Still my roses are not in tune
Working in my garden looming and pruning
I can't get the reason my roses won't talk to me am i going looney
I think im flying high on a crescent wing
But the one plant in my garden won't say a thing