Theme: Self Love

Self love with broken rules,
Rules are meant to be made and broken.
When promises are too much, you long for the taste of redemption.
Sinfully loved, sinfully owned,
I falter due to my sweet obsession,
Then I retreated to keep myself chaste,
But in his arms, the temptation is hard and brutal

Self love with desires,
Unraveled, treasured,
Senseless, willingly to be claimed,
The sins of silence left me alone with him.
Blood and vows,
Blood and lies,
Lies within our passion.

Self love,
A twisted duet.
Self love,
When already owned and savage.
Self love
A prize to be claimed.
Self love,
A Nymph, a chaos he crave.

As the bull draw closer, the hunters rebel
With little survival and no strings to cover
Just one more night and self love is left afloat.

Self love,
Destroying those soulful eyes.

My body, my heart,
I held firm.

Self love,
I cherish myself,
Not a moment late
Not a moment lost.

Self love,
Made me selfish,
I save myself first.

Self love,
With myriad of emotions,
Hard feelings and pains to be faced,
But not a moment did I leave myself last.

© chayansays...