The Night Forgets
The night forgets they day’s pain.
The night forgets who’s asleep
And morning comes and some don’t wake up,
It forgets the sounds
How loud the world is and weighs on us like a ton of pounds,

The night forgets the Wedding Bells,
It forgets the promises
And wakes me by someone who’s probably somebody else’s Mrs.

I hope the night forgives but doesn’t forget my friends
I hope it looks past our sins,
I hope it knows that when I said dying in your sleep is the best way to go, that wasn’t a dare.

The night forgets the shards of broken glass on shelves
And morning comes and I’m traumatised again
Feeling feelings I’ve felt and regret before
Soaring in the aftermath of yesterday’s misdeeds
Because what happens in the night will always come to light
Like God said back when Luke used to write.

The night brings about my worst fears,
It gives me visual aid in the form of nightmares,
And my screams in the night sound so so like Banshees,
It seems to forget that a cluster of spiders scares me
And so my dreams are of me falling in an ocean of arachnids
Butterflying in the venomous toxins.

The night forgets legends
It has an off switch for the stars
And so that pushes me to push hard,
Because tomorrow is but a wish,
Yesterday’s efforts are forgotten so I have to make new, get A anew
With the time I have, make do,
So that when my time comes and I’m due,
Look into the bright white light with content and walk through.

A good night is what I hope tonight will be,
I hope to see what tomorrow has in store for me,
Who knows, maybe tomorrow I won the lottery,
Which would be weird ‘cause I don’t even play lottery,
That’s just to say that tomorrow is a mystery,
It’s filled with impossible possibilities.

I just hope the night doesn’t forget to tell tomorrow about me.
© eommoe