‘twas all foreign—
Yet it felt so euphoric
Makes me wanna try again—
Even it makes me an addict

Shiny, shiny, shiny
Oh, how was I so allure with it?
Its every drop is savory;
Its metallic taste makes me grit

I need more— No! I WANT more!
Night's deep and I seized its darkness
As I'm eyeing sitting ducks in galore
Disturbing their haven— but I don't care less

One grip to the hair and I knew—
This pungent toy of mine would be glad
As it slit a flesh and blood drew
Oh yes, the best feeling I've ever had!

I lashed them out like a carcass;
Leaving them in pieces as I ate some
While enjoying their crimson offer in a glass
I hope more of this in the future will come

Tonight, I'll sleep sound… and full
Had some delights as I envisioned
From the skins I slashed like a wool
There's where their blood drew— and it's so crimson.

© akiroxx