Can you believe that we were once little eggs?
Squirming around before even having little legs.
We didn't ask to be here, and yet here we are,
calling our parents with sounds once we're born, how bizarre.

Saying our first word once we're old enough
Playing in the sand once we turn 1.
Making mud cakes for our parents.
How funny was it when they pretended to eat them, and then charm us with their presence?

Starting primary school once we're 6
And our parents making our anxiety go away with their silly tricks.
Can you believe that was years ago?
When we were bossy and hit them with a blow.
Throwing those little tantrums every time we got mad
Weren't we just so sad?

Going to high school once we turn 13
Isn't time just so mean?
BOOM, we finally have our sweet 16
But wait, weren't we just thirteen?

I rub my eyes once and I'm suddenly 20.
It's that just plenty?
See, what I'm trying to say is time doesn't stop for anyone,
Time's already cheering because it already won.

We must cherish our childhood, even when we're adults
Don't take insults, rather take the results.
It doesn't matter the age, as I said before, time doesn't stop for anyone, so be as childish as you please.
You still have a lot of expertise.

Some may not get a good childhood.
Let a child have fun as a child should,
Don't take away that cherish moment
Their not some crazy opponent!
© Haley-Jade Burger