The biggest fault that I have is my most natural instinctive nature to tell the truth,
I don't know how to be bad, my mind doesn't function in the way others do,
Being honest, I never once thought that would be a reason for someone to suffer,
What happened to our manners? Chivalry? Romance? And, helping one another?

Most people I know, don't ever go to work,
They don't have any true friends & they don't care who they hurt,
Don't even think of having a relationship,
Everybody is sharing their popsicle stick,
Everybody lies... all the time, so just get used to it,
This generation goes, "all the way" on the first date,
Apparently, it's no longer okay to wait,
Nowadays, everybody is just like BK,
They'll make it your way,

I agree that drugs are bad, especially the one's that are hard,
But, I don't believe that getting high should mean you can't be a father or a mother,
Yet, you can be a drunk driver, rob a corner store, or get in a bar fight,
Miss a court date, steal someone's identity, or go damage someone's property,
Molest a child or even abuse the elderly,

With a conviction, a felon is a felon, is a felon,
None of those things will ever be seen as something worse than,
What is, essentially, someone self-medicating because, it costs less than seeking care,
So, basically, it's not okay to sub a drug dealer for mental health practitioner,
They'll just take your kids out of their home, they'll be gone forever,
Then, those kids will end up feeling worse than their parents but, hey, it's whatever.

People don't understand what happens to a family, kept apart for so long,
If a child is well fed, kept clean & clothed, safe at home; because they are loved,
You can't be a mom, or dad, Just because you have used a drug?
What's more important is the safety & well-being of the child,
Drugs are drugs, whether they come from a drug dealer or a doctor,
Go chew on that for awhile before you go & think that you stand any taller,

They will let a parent that has molested their child, pay a court fine...
..take a test, or two...
..then, they'll go talk for awhile,
Then, they wanna send them both, parent & child...
..to go back home...
..to be alone...
Back together again for awhile,
That's so far out & full-throttle on f'd up for way too many miles,
Chester gets to go back home & play with their child,
While an awesome mom's family is gone, just because she might get high every once in awhile?!?!

© W. Helin