playable characters
obsessive focus forms glass breaking snow steps
dreaming of a dream that I dreamt in a breath
manufactured and malevolent
sacrificial actions intercepting every second
walking slowly to your death

hold the door please
laughing interjection fueling factions of forever
until backbreaking
staring at the place where you once sat
never had it
but I'll surely chase the rabbit
leave a note that's too observant
and I'll throw it in the trash

leaning heavily on heavenly surrending
pretending that I fit in with the bunch
burning trash in my backpack

hating every second of ingesting malnutrition
finding plastic people passing little notes
through the static
like it matters

wish I had a better outfit for the banquet
but I spent all of my money
on a riddle without answers

have a little place to hideaway
spewing fire screwdriver
turning every which way
smile for the flash

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