Brave Souls
Brave soul, do not forget your worth,
For you have survived every ordeal,
Through the depths of darkness, you have birthed,
A strength and resilience that is real.
You have fought through the fires of hell,
And emerged with scars that tell a tale,
Of battles won, of demons quelled,
And a spirit that will never fail.
For every night you've faced your fears,
And braved the storm with steady feet,
With courage that wiped away your tears,
And a determination that couldn't be beat.
You have faced the darkest of nights,
And found your way towards the light,
With a heart that burns but never ignites,
And a soul that shines even in the darkest fight.
Do not doubt your strength and might,
For you have proven time and time again,
That even when the world is not right,
You will rise and emerge victorious, my friend.
So, brave soul, do not forget,
That you are stronger than you know,
With every battle, you only get,
Stronger, braver, and ready to grow.
You are a warrior, a fighter,
And nothing can bring you down,
For you have survived every blight,
And you wear your scars like a crown.
Brave soul, remember who you are,
And never let anyone dim your light,
For you are a shining, resilient star,
And your strength will always shine bright.
© cynfully

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