In depth of your eyes i drown my every sense
Enchanted by your seductive fragrance
I follow the scent to your cozy little bed
I smell your body, your hair, your breath
In books I read,
Such passions lead every romeo to death.

Day turns into night and night into day
By the warm fireplace we lay
Looking into each other, we caress, we kiss
It's cold outside, the clouds, the gloom
But Fires are burning inside this room.
The snow is settling, the mountains are white
So are bedsheets with your silhouette tonight
The lamps are dim as I glance upon your face
That last sip of wine set your lips ablaze.
I kiss them again to taste the wine
And now I am locked in this entwine
Slowly I run my fingers up your spine
I follow your breath and wait for your sign
You shrug and circle your arms around
Your softness is that of the snow abound
I lift you in my lap and and hold you close to me
You feel me inside and let me be
I lay you down, I turn you around
Of passionate moans I hear your sound
I possess your body I feel its care
You possess my soul and all it has to fear.

It's middle of the night and awake we lay
Looking at each other we have nothing to say
The lamp has extinguished so have the fires
Is the love still there? Are we both liars?
Our bodies lay naked, our breaths are deep
Our eyes lost in fondness and little bit of sleep
We talk and kiss and smile at each other
This bliss, this moment, not a single bother.
And the next morning I wake up bereft
It's you, not there, a while ago you left
Left a rose and note, "I will be back You know"
I only see footprints walking away in the snow.

© raaifshah