The Past
Hands on the clock keep moving
Time stops for no one
Pages of the calendar keep turning
What used to be will be gone
Yet I hold on to the past
Grabbing hold of any memory
To somehow make it all last.
Never wanting to end the story
Created deep within my heart
Love's alluring siren song
Pulled me in from the start
Together I thought we'd always belong
But as the days endlessly go by
I've soon begun to realize
It's futile to even try
To fool myself with lies
I can't trick my mind
For it surely already knows
Even if I've come to find
That my heart may never let go.
They say you can't stop time
That's the cold hard truth
But that's a mountain I can't climb
When I'm stuck in memories of you
So for now I will stay right here
No matter what the cost
Holding on to the past out of fear
That without you I would be lost.

© MysticDreamer