A Day On The Farm (List Poem)
Beautiful sunrise,
Chores to do;
Fun to have,
What can you do?
Ride the horses,
clean their stalls;
milk the cows,
feed them all.
Check on the chickens,
Take their eggs;
Check the quails,
Grab their eggs.
To the goats,
and the sheep;
feed them all,
it's not cheap.
Grab your tackle,
Time to fish,
In the pond,
If you wish.
Cuddly puppies,
Crying kittens;
Grab your coat,
And grab your mittens.
Mango trees,
Apple groves;
Grab their fruits,
Make some toast.
Flowers blossoming,
Butterflies fluttering;
The Gorgeous sun setting,
Time to get in the bedding.

© Stacy A Parker