In the realm where the sun dips and the moon starts to brew
Where dreams dance on ripples and stars twinkle anew
In that tranquil space, 'neath the twilight's embrace
Where whispers of secrets find their sacred dwelling place

The heavens weep with grace, a tempest born within
As gentle droplets descend, upon Earth they begin
And I, like a poet, watch the sky's quivering plight
As rain falls for you, the same way I do, this night

From cloud-covered tapestries, emotions freely seep
A symphony of tears that hushed sorrows keep
Each raindrop a vessel of ardor, profound
As they chase the bent branches, where passions are found

Oh, how the drops fall, with an elegance untold
Like jewels from the heavens, their stories unfold
They plummet with purpose, cascading through the air
A shower of ecstasies painting love's portrait with care

In this tender deluge, I marvel at your grace
For you, like the rain, fill my soul, erase
Each burden that weighs upon this beating heart
Like music upon my ears, each word is a work of art

How gently they tumble, these raindrops, like your touch
Soft, yet resolute, leaving memories as such
They mirror my longing, my yearning for you
As rain falls for you, the same way I do

With each droplet that kisses the earth's tender face
It mirrors the desire, hidden feelings I embrace
For like the rain's dance, a rhythm all its own
Your essence upon my being, forever is sown

In their descent, those raindrops whisper your name
A serenade of whispers, a love never to wane
They seek solace in gardens, in lakes and in streams
Imprinting on every petal, igniting new dreams

And just as the rain renews life, verdant and fair
So you grace my existence, a solace beyond compare
With each rhythmic patter, we're bound in this rare
An ethereal union, entwined through timeless air

Oh, the rain falls for you, but it falls same for me
As I long for your presence, in ways we can't see
It whispers your essence, with each drop it displays
Our symphony of love, in harmony it portrays

© Jovan_love