Sin or Traditional norm?
I love India but at the same time I hate India as what I hate is the close way of thinking. Traditional norms are still high and people are still low.

Today I met a trans women. Her smile says everything. Her satisfaction and clarity for life is commendable. So calm and pleasant personality.
She is proud of herself. She know that she is in trouble but believes one day everything would be fine. She tells that "Someone is proud of her or not but she is proud of herself and fighting."

I told her She didn't do anything wrong but people get them wrong. The best thing about her is that she love herself and she is being what she is otherwise people here are different from what they show. Being yourself and expressing yourself is hard. She didn't have to change but the change should be in the world. People need to accept them as they are...

I think personally that how much dare it's would take them to accept what they are and we break their self esteem just in seconds without even realising that it's not easy. Why people don't want to be in touch with these people? Why people don't feel guilty about it? People believe it as a traditional norm but isn't it a sin ?
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Not a poem just a good moment.