The Eclipse
The two of them so far away ,
can't come close even if they want to stay.
Still they love each other ,
even when they are never together.
" Isn't it so harsh? " The God said,
" I haven't ever seen them met. "
Oh! Look how they smile,
admiring each other from 1000 of miles .
" I wanna feel you too. " Said the sun.
" I wanna hug you too. " replied the moon.
Admiring their true love, God gave them a chance,
told them to fulfill their wish and he could take a glance .
And the day finally arrived,
the tears of happiness were cried.
Everyone was restless,
they were all in a mess.
The planets looked with love in their eyes,
the sky became the source as the cloud cries.
The clouds moved away for the world to see,
that how beautiful true love can be.
Finally, The sun and moon got a chance to meet,
as everyone restlessly waited on their seat.
The moment when they ran and hugged each other,
as they wiped off the tears of one another.
It was the moment that everyone missed,
but people turned it into an eclipse.

© SM