Joy Of Heaven is Lost
I can't express the refreshing sweetness
Of seeing your face, you fill my heart with so much joy,
Such tender adorarion of a lovely heart.
As youur dear face do claim
Like a bud blooming in your face
You are freah and filled with full of life
To add to mine ,which is declining
There 's happiness when you are around
Telling me to run among plain wild
And the wide vale that stands aghast
To swim in the early waters of the rushing river
To watch the beauty of the the trees and the green
And how they colour and beamed in lustre green
As you wander among to hide your soul
To surprise me and appear as I call you
Lovely little paws must be aching
For long journeys down by the lofty hill
There 's always a sun shining in your face
To inspire us to love younand care for you
That's what you are and why we love
So go along the path to heaven
Where you belong and deserve to be
The joy that you gave was a lifetime
And the journey you ended was so short
We gave you a name ,
A name to bring the joy of heaven
And the delight of heart
That the hear can never die
As you had to die a death
To end all the wanderings and strolls
Yet you run fast and wide
In the space you had and created
In out hearts.