I Stayed Where I Fell
I stayed where I fell
And watched the world go by,
People rushing around
Never stopping to see
What was once here
Is gone forever,
Nothing left but memories
Of what once was
A place now lost in time.

They say, all good things must end,
I Stayed Where I Fell,
don't shed a tear for me,
why is life so ephemeral?
The hopelessness tortures,
your memory is my only companion,
Now, I am only your memories.

I Stayed Where I Fell
not but a tear
so say good night.

May wretchedness come upon us,
you once promised me an eternity,
so it will be,
I Stayed Where I Fell.

The shadow fades,
tormented, tormented,
gone with the wind,
our time has come; say good night.

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© Farhat Afzal

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