Daddy's little girl
Daddy's little girl, i always wanted that name
Daddy's never here to hold you through the pain
My bags packed waiting at the door
Everytime he didn't show my heart gets even more sore

All the kids getting picked up from their dads at school
Why does my dad have to be so cruel?
Long night's, warm tears fall
but he never picked up i guess he missed my call
But he only caused the worst ones
Looking up at night, seeing a million of suns

Couldn't care that much to even send a text
Thats just the start, see what comes next
He doesn't live far but he doesn't care
I guess his love isn't something he likes to share

He built up false hope making me think he would've shown
I always thought my dad would be home
He deliberately missed everything that ever mattered in my life
Next i found out he has a new kid and wife
He was my whole world
But i guess wasn't daddy's little girl

© L.