Vivian pot of thoughts
Day 021/100

I was weak and knew nothing about love,
but I met you.
I pined for you.
I lived each day full of hope, and tears of joy flowed, because I heard from you. I peeped through my heart, hip!hip!hip! it was you smiling at me.
It was a dream come true when I knocked your heart, and you received me beaming with joy.
I slept on a soft bed , but it felt like a log of wood, because I could not hear good night from you.
The feelings built a mansion in my heart, and my heart grew with passion.
Love brought me happiness, and made me sad.
What an oxymoron! Love revived me and made me slumped.
Love told me the truth,but it is bitter.
Love has shown me heaven and hell.
Each time you murdered the heart, you should be jailed by the soul, and not be bailed by the duo.