Once upon a time in Rochdale their was a tale unfolding.
Of a girl named Paighton, a captivating swirl.
Mischievous and playful, she’d roam and run,
With her brothers Declan and Ethan, chaos and havoc did they spun.
Mummy would sigh, overwhelmed and tired,
Three wild ones, forever wired.
But amid this chaos, hope eventually found it’s way,
As Grandma and Granddad would try to give mummy some much needed respite, brightening the day.
With crafty words, Grandad weaved his spell,
His poetry, a masterpiece, he’d proudly tell.
Inspired by the Bible, his verses shone,
When chaos peaked, Grandma appeared,
Her songs for hearts to be cheered.
Her gentle melodies, like a soothing breeze,
Bringing harmony and order, putting chaos to ease.
Through written verses and hymns serene,
A glimpse of normality in lifes full of unpredictability yet just another scene.
So let us remember this tole tale’s so true, of three little siblings theatrics inciting mummy’s routine.

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