Asphyxiated by the sky
Asphyxiated by the sky,
I gaze into the endless blue,
caught within its boundless grasp,
A prisoner of its vast, deep hue.

The weight of clouds bears down on me,
Their whispered secrets left unsaid,
I suffocate in their embrace,
enveloped in a sea of lead.

Each breath I take is tinged with fear,
The atmosphere grows thin and cold,
A celestial hand around my throat,
As stars above their tales unfold.

The heavens, once my source of hope,
Now press upon my fragile frame,
Their beauty now a heavy shroud,
A suffocating, crushing claim.

Yet still, I long to touch the stars,
To break free from this choking bind,
To soar beyond this earthly plane,
And leave this mortal coil behind.

Asphyxiated by the sky,
I yearn to break its iron grasp,
To find my place among the stars,
And breathe free in the cosmic expanse.
© Simrans