Pleasure in Pain
Detached myself from the people
Befriended solitude
Longed for peace,
Became unduly comfortable with my own company
Convinced myself this was 'adulthood'
Interests are far gone
Things I used to love
And the things I used to enjoy fulfilling
All became sheer memories
Eyes carry the weight of the heart
They are too heavy to keep it open
Yet too rigid to keep them close when they should be
Ceased myself from keeping humans company
Then the voices inside me succeeded
I am my friend
Confined in my little space with the voices inside me
Forced myself to fit in with the society
But I became an alien among my own people
Pain became my only pleasure
Became too comfortable with my miseries
For it kept me going
yet it drowned me
Pain and miseries became my only muses
Trust me, this is not loneliness
It is just a phase
a never ending phase!