Quantum Time
The time between dusk and dawn,
The time between night and morn,
I travel in the border of places known,
And places not even Skitsofreen roam

I look at Time, and moments I've seen,
Not as past, or what might have been,
But more like a field of seeds I have sown,
Some of them dead, and some fully grown.

You might say 'What the fuck, what u mean, you old fool',
'Time's constant, always was, quit dreaming, you tool!'
For always are amongst us, scardy cats who lack jewels,
I mean balls; who are just too afraid to think, mules.

But I digress, forgive me, getting old I guess,
Stale, ancient, senecent, antiqueted, experienced.
I was talking about Time, not my age or my miles,
Time is fluid at quantum level, and so am I, you juveniles!!
© Lord Kvakku