Roles to play

You have a role to play,
not like a sports you play,
or music you play for friends,
but like a play of a theater,
where you are a character.

So, look back and see,
where have you been,
what path you took,
how many have you missed,
in your quest of desires.

The world is giving the hint,
call it an intuition or instinct,
every time you have second thoughts,
taking your momentary pause,
to find the right direction.

What's afore is not complete truth,
things have different meanings,
broaden your point of view,
to look beyond your sight,
capture the essence of being.

Yes, it takes some effort,
to elevate your consciousness,
be it spirituality or meditation,
a feeling of attachment,
to the oneness of soul.

And you will play your part,
even if you want it or not
like a river flowing towards ocean,
you will experience it too...
this energy of universe.

© Dr. Manish Rout