ode to the bigot.
oh no the closet case called me a faggot
more happily so then being a piece of shit or that which is born of and makes it it's meal grotesque maggot.
words said because your hate yourself and hope it hurts me my own father called me the same thing I've heard that bullshit since I was three. did it make you feel powerful somehow did you think I would flinch.
an opinion from a bigot loser probably third or fourth sting pick bench nobody of real consideration probably ant even hop the fence. sounds to me like your scared of yourself, wishing you could be as free to be yourself or scared to explore life possibilities and live in torment. your words mean nothing just like my dear Ole dad's you'll be dead and like he is while my love for others continues to live on. those who hate are always forgotten never to leave a mark but all those who seem to be fabulous ignite the night with but a spark.

how's that for flames bitch . toodles