In the bustling throng of strangers, a familiar face appeared, an echo from a distant past, a ghost I once revered.

My heart raced with recognition, time seemed to stand still, memories came flooding back, against my own free will.

Your eyes met mine with questions, a silence spoke between, of words we never uttered, and moments left unseen.

The years had etched their story, upon our weathered hearts, yet in that fleeting instant, we were back to where we’d start.

Regrets and lingering heartaches, whispered through the air, of paths that never crossed again, and feelings laid bare.

We lingered in that moment, a breath caught in the storm, the haunting pull of yesterdays, in shadows softly formed.

Then just as quickly as it came, the spell began to break, you vanished in the crowd once more, a phantom of heartache.

I stood there with my heartbeat, still echoing the past, wondering if some old goodbyes, are meant to ever last.
© Karischyoma