Who is that inside me?
In the mirror of my soul, I see,
Two halves in strife, which one is me?
One with love, as pure as the dawn,
The other dark, a shadow I shove.

Words unleashed, a hurtful storm,
Echoes of a friendship torn.
A monster's gaze from within me peers,
Reflecting back my deepest fears.

I lashed out in pain, a heart misled,
With words so harsh, unkindly said.
Now I stand amidst the fray,
A friend hurt by what I did say.

The angel and demon, both within,
A battle that I cannot win.
The love I hold, the hate I spurn,
In this turmoil, I twisted and turned.

What is the truth of my inner self?
A dusty book upon a shelf?
Or is it the pain that I now feel,
A wound that time may never heal?

I am the storm, I am the night,
I am the wrong that longs for right.
In this reflection, I now see,
The monster and the Human in me.

© @Neongenesis