Your eyes remind me of the forest I used to roam through,
where the woodland creatures scatter and the spring flowers bloom, where the water flooded to create a puddle just big enough to call a pond.
your hair is soft like the blankets I cuddle up in, the ones I've spent so much money on even when they're the cheapest I could find. the fuzzy ones I've always loved.
your cologne reminds me not of a smell, but the air of a cold crisp summer evening night when the mist from the river rolls in. the dew droplets landing on the grass that perfectly caresses my skin.
your arms around me reminds me of the sun seeping onto my skin, turning me hot but not burning. more like a warm content feeling. safe and calming.
Your compliments remind me of the way my father told me I should be treated. sweet, caring; and never miss leading.
you open the door and tell me goodmorning,

slowly more and more, I'm falling in love with you darling.

Tuesday March 7th,
10:24 pm.