unfair world
I’m tired of fighting these endless wars,
Of struggling daily, behind closed doors.
I’m tired of pressing on, each weary stride,
Of hoping for a better tomorrow denied.

Everything’s breaking me, piece by piece,
I stand in the ruins, seeking release.
Yet I’m powerless, feeling so small,
A pawn in a game, at others' beck and call.

Advice rains down, empty and cold,
Words without action, stories retold.
Is it hard to help, or do they not care?
I’m lost in a world that feels unfair.

I’m tired of doing this all on my own,
Of standing alone, my courage overthrown.
I’m not strong enough to make them cease,
Not strong enough to find my peace.

I searched for solace, tried to give in,
But even in surrender, I couldn’t begin.
Something within me resists and persists,
Hoping and trusting, despite all the twists.

No one wounds deeper than my own expectations,
Dreams unmet, heart's tribulations.
Perhaps my soul was never meant for this place,
A spirit misplaced, in life’s harsh embrace.
© _areesha