Melodies of the soul : Love's journey unveiled
In the realm of love, a mystic force,
Life blooms with joy or takes a remorse.
Love, a paradox, both bliss and despair,
Where hearts break or find solace rare.

Why does love inflict such deep wounds?
Stealing happiness, like silent monsoons.
In the one adored, dreams may shatter,
Or destiny diverges, a painful matter.

What fault lies in a heart so pure,
That sees love in every gaze, ever sure?
In every soul, seeks joy profound,
Yet often, in love, solace isn't found.

God crafted hearts with a purpose divine,
To color the world with love's design.
Yet, love's path is strewn with strife,
A shattered heart, a canvas of life.

In love, there are no defined bounds,
A journey where every limit confounds.
Though a broken heart may not mend,
Love's balm on wounds, a steadfast friend.

Love's tapestry knows no constraint,
A beautiful journey, no bounds to paint.
Dear friend, in love, guard your heart,
Let it not shatter, torn apart.
© _gottaloveruhii