Ode to a Mother.
There she goes,the mother of three,
Towering her children like branches of a tree.
She looks to the left and then to the right, Standing on the pavement, ready for the fight.

Her morning starts with the rays of dawn
Struggling to keep up with the clock round.
" Mom, my brush?
Ma, my Bag?
Mama, pooo....!"
Ooooof!.............no rest even for an Achoo!
The kids needs,
Uniforms and tiffins.
Hubby's demand for tie and keys.
In-law's tea, snacks , medicines,
And for her lots of Morphines.

Her hands are coarse, her voice is hoarse
From all the chores and occasional roars.
She wakes at dark and sleeps at dark
And often she sees nothing but dark.
But the tiny sunshines brightens her day
A forehead kiss paves a new way.

The sun is out
The crickets are to shout.
She waits by the door, tired and pale,
Her ears keen to the sound of the bell.
Her kitchen is warm
Her rooms are clean
She looks contented with her work
But her face betrays a frown.

(Surely enough!)

The kids are back, chaos began.
Hubby arrives, tired and shaken.
In-law's list of never ending tales
The headaches form the shapes of hales.

But still she smiles, the kids smile back.
She listens to her dear, he patts her back.
In- laws medicines, tales of complaints
She tales a pill and prays to the saints.
Wishing for a day next , silent and sane
Although her wish she knows is vain.

( Motherhood is a blessing
No doubt about that.
But it can take a hard toll on you
Believe or not but that's very true.)