Let It Go
That old thought will kill you slow. Those bad feelings will make your life slow . You will continue to try, but you will never blow. Because your faith and confidence are very low .

Don't say you didn't know
Because in my words I want it to show. Your heart and mind have separate doors. Different like the ear, eye, mouth and nose holes

Don't live a life of shame
Or a thought of blame
Yesterday and today are not the same. You need a dream before you build a team

Your past wasn't meant to last. That's why the present came, and the future still remains. Negative thoughts will always cross your mind. Your response will prove that you are inclined

With all the odds. You are still love by God. You keep learning and certainly you are not dull
Sometimes you have to blame it on your youth

Funny! You laughed !! All those stupidness you did . Even your heart and mind can't take the weight. So let it go and let your soul update

It's never too late to let it go. If you want to develop and grow. Renew your mind with positivity that is refined. Because life can never rewind

Your first love, and first everything has become another thing. We are going somewhere, but you can't leave your mind behind.

Living in your past
Is like a spell cast
No matter who loves you or care about you. Your relationship will never last
For your life to grow and overflow you have to let it go.

© Jarry B Blie