Her essence lands softly upon all dreams. She's beautifully arrayed as an imaginary queen. Ruling beautiful thoughts. Her throne built upon emotional dreams, adjacent to the heart.Oftentimes meticulous with her delicate words, carefully maintained, with insightful reasons. Her beauty thoroughly refined with necessary patterns entering daily life. She's fashion to re-enter the soul of mankind. Leaving particles overwhelming the mind. Wherever she stands grace abounds. Her irresistible voice is giving. Hopeful beginnings. The mind reacting to favorable rippling waves, moving closer to her smile. Adorable as a soft teddy bear sent towards imagination of the third eye. She's alive among hieroglyphics formulations. She breathe obsessive dreams into inspirations. Filling life with pleasant thoughtful opportunities. To begin the romantic stages of intuition. Convincing the mind. Resetting new timelines in the sky. Entering her suitors fascinations, intimately encouraging, their abilities to fly. Adorable
© Daniel Mason